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The objective of this blog is very simple: to improve the use of the English language by everyone, but especially by professional writers and speakers. I think we should all strive for perfection in our communication, be it written or oral. So too, those who are paid to write or speak should write and speak correctly because they are the exemplars of the language and if they are not using it properly, they are abrogating their responsibility to their readers, especially the children.

I do not accept jargon. I do not accept incomplete sentences. I do not accept incorrect punctuation. I do not accept the misuse of words. I do not accept the computer short forms used by the twits who twitter.

I do accept the beauty and versatility of the English language, but it must be used correctly, and those who violate that premise are fodder for this blog.

So, welcome to my world. This is Posting # 802, an effort that has taken nearly three years to accomplish. Share my vision. Feel free to comment and criticize. If I make a mistake, let me know and I will correct it. 

Send comments to me at any time via the "Comment" unit at the end of each posting. Remain anonymous if you like. Attach your e-mail if you want. Join the club. Help eradicate the abuse of the English language.


Find and correct the errors in the following examples.
Be sure to explain the errors.

"By sharply increasing the maximum penalties for those he says don't follow the rules."
Lead editorial opinion, "Traffic fines", The Windsor Star, Monday, January 4, 2010.

"Just as we missed the debate on lowering the blood alcohol limit to .05 and the option of jailing a driver under the recently instituted 'street racing' legislation without that person being able to launch a legal defence."
Lead editorial opinion, "Traffic fines", The Windsor Star, Monday, January 4, 2010.


The word for today is "matriculate".
What part of speech is "matriculate"?
Convert "matriculate" to other parts of speech.
Define "matriculate" and use it in a sentence.

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