Thursday, September 3, 2009



Explain the difference in meaning between the words "crevice" and "crevasse".
What part of speech is each word?
What is the pronunciation of each word?
Use "crevice" and "crevasse" in sentences that clearly show their meanings.


Define and explain the difference between "pronunciation" and "articulation".
Create examples to solidify your definitions or examples.


The word for today is "ignoble".
What part of speech is "ignoble"?
Define "ignoble" and use it in a sentence.

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Anonymous said...

Crevice (n). Stress on first syllable, second syllable becomes schwa: A small fissure in rock. There were tiny lizards living in the crevices. Crevasse (n). Stress on second syllable, first syllable becomes schwa. Deep crack in thick ice. The mountain climber was unaware of the crevasse hidden beneath the new snow and fell to her death.

Pronunciation - the way a word is pronounced. What is the correct pronunciation of your name? Articulation - 1. The clear expression of thoughts or feelings. 2. Clear enunciation. His articulation is poor since his stroke.

Ignoble (adj) - Thoughts, feelings or actions you should feel ashamed or embarrassed about. I had ignoble feelings of intense jealousy.