Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here are the corrections and explanations for last week's entries.


Find and explain as many errors as you can in the sentence below and correct them. There are three.

“A 16-year old girl was in serious condition with fractured bones in her jaw, arms and legs after falling off of a moving vehicle Sunday morning, in this north Montreal suburb.”

“Off of” is incorrect. Both words are prepositions and cannot be used together.
The comma after morning is unnecessary.
What Montreal suburb? “This” is a relative pronoun but it does not relate to anything. It must be changed

“A 16-year old girl was in serious condition with fractured bones in her jaw, arms and legs after falling off a moving vehicle Sunday morning in a north Montreal suburb.”


You get a gold star if you can find, explain and correct two errors in the following piece.

"The bulk of those projects are still on the wish list, but would be funded now from municipal coffers."

“Bulk” is the subject of the verb “are” but it is singular. Verb and subject must agree so the verb must be made singular.
“But” is a coordinate conjunction joining two principal clauses with the same subject so no comma is used. Note the use of "but" in the directions under FURTHER/FARTHER below: there is a comma between two principal clauses with different subjects so the comma is necessary.

“The bulk of those projects is still on the wish list but would be funded now from municipal coffers.”



Forceful” means powerful.
“She imposed her forceful moral codes upon her children.”

Forcible” is always used to describe the use of strength.
“The thief made a forcible entry into the drug store after it was closed.”

Forced” should be used to describe something that is done or decided upon as a result of outside causes without necessarily being violent.
“The tyrant believed that forced labour was the solution to his building problems.”



I know this is a repeat, but it needs repeating.

Farther” always refers to physical distance.
“He could throw the ball farther than his younger brother.”

Further” always refers to an extent of time or degree. It also means “in addition”.
“I hold that you will obey me; further, you will do it instantly.”



Boarders” are residents in a boarding house or school or people who go snow boarding.
“There were too many boarders in the frat house and ten were thrown out.”

Borders” are edges or boundaries or limits.
“The borders of the paper are ragged and should be trimmed so as to look neat.”


Identify the author of the following piece of wisdom.

Nothing is worse than active ignorance.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German dramatist, novelist, poet and scientist (1749 - 1832, is the author.


Ignoble” (adj.) means cowardly, fearful, gutless or spineless.

Vouchsafe” (v.) means to grant condescendingly, to accord, to allot or to agree as a special favour.

Inveracity” (n.) means untruthfulness or the opposite of veracity.

Mercurial” (adj.) means having the qualities of the god Mercury such as eloquence, shrewdness swiftness or thievishness; it also means erratic, unpredictable or changeable.

Insuperable” (adj.) means unconquerable or insurmountable.

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