Monday, April 7, 2008





1. First Post - Friday, April 6, 2007.

2. 307 Posts (There were some vacation days, holidays and Saturdays I did not publish.)

3. 5,797 visitors in 2007.

4. 5,327 visitors (to date) in 2008.

5. 11,124 visitors for the year. (This blog is really esoteric, so I am proud to have had so many visitors. I hope to have many, many more.)

6. 214 new words to date, most of which are descriptive adjectives. (This does not include the dozens of examples of similar, but sometimes confusing, words such as “there”, “their” and “they’re”.)

7. 150 professional writer and newscaster errors cited, many several times. (I really think professional writers should be leaders in correct language usage and should be diligent in their composition endeavours . This applies equally to the editors. )

8. Winner - Canadian Blog Awards - “Best Educational Blog of 2007".

9. 2 newspaper stories (The Windsor Star); 1 radio interview (CBC Morning Show). “Thank you.”

9. Visits from Canada, United States, Unknown, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Philippines, Germany, Spain, Belarus, Japan, Israel, Serbia and Montenegro.

10. Most often cited error: subject/verb agreement.

11. Most detested word: “got”. “Got” should be removed from the English language.

12. Most trite and misused cliché: “guys”, used mostly by young waiters and waitresses in their attempts to be friendly. (Girls and women are not guys.)

13. Thank you. Fell free to contribute by clicking on “COMMENT” at the end of each posting. I welcome suggestions and criticisms.

14. Don’t send me commercials; I will not publish them.

15. If you would like to advertise on this site, contact me. We could play, “Let’s Make a Deal”.


Explan the difference between "attain" and "obtain".
Create sentences that illustrate the meaning of each word.


The word for today is "apotheosis".
Define ""apotheosis" and use it in a sentence.

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BBS said...

If you removed got, we wouldn't have gotcha. That would take all the fun out of politics. :)

Happy Blogday!