Thursday, April 17, 2008



Choose the correct form of the verb in each example below:

1. Occasionally I (lie, lay) on the couch.

2. Yesterday I (laid, lay) in the sun.

3. Usually I (lie, lay) on my right side.

4. The town (lies, lays) in a pleasant valley.

5. The responsibility (lies, lays) with you.

6. When school closed I (laid, layed) my books away.

7. He (laid, layed) claim to the insurance payment.

8. That book (has lain, has laid) on my desk for several days.

9. Shall I (lie, lay) your book on the desk?

10. You cannot (lie, lay) down to sleep but you can (lie, lay) down to sleep.


The word for today is "stultify".
Define "stultify" and use it in a sentence.

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