Friday, November 9, 2007



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Feel free to make suggestions to post. I am always trying to find new, fun material.

If you have the inclination, read the various comments posted, especially those that offer corrections. The corrections are not always correct and they present, in themselves, some new challenges.

Corrections and Explanations will be published Sunday.


Congratulations to the Windsor Star writers. There were no errors in the stories I read today. Bravo! Now, we go to Act II.


Correct the errors, if there are any, in the sentences below.

I should have went to the store yesterday because the sale is not on today.

People are in such a hurry they don't hardly ever read newspapers any more.

Where did you get that at?

He successfully moderated the conference titled "Growing Your Business".


The word for today is "maladroit".

Define "maladroit" and use it in a sentence.


Anonymous said...

I should have gone to the store yesterday, because the sale is not on today.

People are in such a hurry; they hardly ever read newspapers any more.

Where did you get that from?

He successfully moderated the conference titled, "Growing Your Business".

Maladroit means awkward or clumsy.

She made an maladroit move and tripped on the stairs.

F.Janisse said...

The folks at CKLW should re-assess their pronounciation of the word(s) negotiate/negotiation. I almost drive off the road when thay pronounce it neg-o-SEE-ay-shun.
Damn fools.
Fred Janisse, class of '77, Vincent Massey S.S.

Anonymous said...

The misused and abused apostrophe

A Freeds advertisement in the Windsor Star the other day contained this gem!
Ladie's department

I have also seen pizza's for sale, but not at Freeds!!

Some Windsor Star reporters commonly use "it's" incorrectly, when they should be using its.

F.Janisse said...

Mind if I pile on? May I humbly suggest to the Master that you change the spelling of the word "peaks" in the blog intro to the proper spelling of "piques"(I am referring to the querie:...if this blog "peaks" your interest)
I THINK you're just checking to see who's asleep at the wheel here (or,at least, I hope so).

F. Janisse said...

Do you need a proof-reader? Don't you mean to say "She made "A" maladroit move....."??
I'm still not sure if this is on purpose....time will tell.