Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Check the comments from the last few days and you will see that people are checking my entries and finding errors. That is great; it challenges me to follow my own guidelines which I will try to do.
Just so I don't have to create a new apology every day let us say that any time I make an error it is intended to make you read more closely. That way I will always accomplish my objective.
What is really good is that people are becoming aware. Bravo!


(Heard on a Radio 800 CKLW pronunciation by an anonymous commenter)
How should the word "accessories" be pronounced?


What is the difference between "practice" and "practise" and what is acceptable usage of these words?


What is the difference between "licence" and "license" and what is acceptable usage of these words?


The word for today is "libertine".

Define "libertine" and use it in a sentence.


Anonymous said...

I have heard many people mispronounce accessories . They say "assessories" when it should be "acksessories" (best I can do to show phonetics).

I was taught many years ago that licence was to be used as a noun, e.g. driver's licence, while license was a verb. The same applied to practice/practise. Has this changed over the years?
From an "old" friend at WCI and Massey!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I was looking at your profile, where you talk about "tweeking". I think the correct spelling is "tweaking". Would you check that out please?
You don't have to post this; I just wanted to offer feedback.
I also have a comment about your blog and its design. I like the overall appearance and commend you for what you are trying to do. One small criticism - the white print on the beige/green background is hard to read. Perhaps a darker colour would be more visible.
From the same old friend at WCI and Massey!

Anonymous said...

Many people mispronounce mature, and say advise when they mean advice.
I have a challenge for you Mike!
I was at a U of W Senate meeting last night. A biology professor protested to the registrar that the university's new slogal is grammatically incorrect.
The school's new catch-phrase is "Thinking Forward." The biology prof said the school was a laughing stock. I told him grammar was irrelevant in ad campaigns.
What do you think?
I'm posting the issue in my blog. go to Windsor Star to comment.
Monica Wolfson

Anonymous said...

I believe that it should be pronounced ak-sess-or-ees.

"Practice" is a noun, while "practise" is a verb. The easy way to remember is to think of the word "ice". Since "ice" is a noun and ends in "ce", then "practice" is also a noun. So you would go to a hockey practice, but would practise playing hockey.

In the same way, "Licence" is the noun and "License" is the verb. If you have a driver's licence, it means you are licensed to drive.

Libertine as a noun is someone who lives wildly, without following society's norms. As an adjective, it describes that lifestyle.

Most people agree that Hugh Hefner lives a libertine lifestyle.