Monday, January 11, 2010



I happily accept, encourage and, generally, publish, comments sent to this blog by readers.
I do not accept and do not publish comments by those who want to use my blog as a forum to promote their agenda, product or service.
If any comment does not relate directly to the use of the English language or to some information I have put forth on that topic, it is summarily rejected.
I will not allow this blog to be a platform for free advertising of vapid tripe, so, spam freaks, quit cluttering my time.
If you want to advertise, show me the money and we will talk; otherwise, get lost!


Explain the difference between the words "ignorant" and "stupid".
What type of word is each?
What is the noun form of each word?
Create sentences for "ignorant" and "stupid" that clearly show the meanings of the words.


The word for today is "aliterate".
What part of speech is "aliterate"?
What words can you list that are similar to "aliterate" but have slightly different meanings?
Create a sentence using "aliterate".
Define "aliterate" and use it in a sentence.

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