Thursday, December 10, 2009



In case you are new to this blog, the set-up is simple: each day of the week I post a challenge in the use and knowledge of the English Language, be it grammar, sentence structure, understanding subtle differences between words or anything else that suits my fancy. I also list a word which is usually familiar but not often well-known and ask you to work with it.
Then, on the weekend following the posts, I publish the corrections and explanations for the week's entries.
The purpose is simple: to elevate and to improve the use of the English language.


Explain the differences between the words "flagrant" and "blatant".
What part of speech is each word?
Identify other parts of speech for each word.
Use "flagrant" and "blatant" in sentences that show their meanings.


The word for today is "idiosyncrasy".
What part of speech is "idiosyncrasy"?
Define "idiosyncrasy" and use it in a sentence.

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