Monday, October 5, 2009



The following examples are all based on material covered in this blog over the last month or so.
Correct the errors and state the reason for your corrections.

1. The couple were arrested at the scene and charged with robbery.

2. The woman was (reluctant, reticent) to reveal her age to the nosey teen.

3. She stopped under the street light, she lit a cigarette.

4. The old man (hocked, hawked) his watch to buy a little food.

5. In this race I ran further than I had ever done before.

6. Neither the skunk nor the officer were injured.

7. I seen her when she ran away.

8. The girl went missing last week and hasn’t been seen since.

9. He don’t see very well any more.

10. Jethro brang home a moose he shot in WaWa.


The word for today is "cataclysm".
What part of speech is "cataclysm"?
Define "cataclysm" and use it in a sentence.
Identify another form of the word.

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