Thursday, March 5, 2009



"I", "me" and "myself" are all pronouns.
What type of pronoun is each word?
What is the correct use of each word in a sentence?
What are the most common errors made when using "I", "me" and "myself"?
Create a sentence using each word correctly.


The word for today is "ostentatious".
Define "ostentatious" and use it in a sentence.

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BJL said...

"I" is a subject pronoun and is the doer of the action in a sentence. Subject pronouns usually begin sentences as in "I drink coffee everyday".
"Me" is an object pronoun and is the receiver or recipient of the action in a sentence. Object pronouns almost always come after the verb in a sentence as in "Coffee helps me wake up in the morning".
"Myself" is a reflexive pronoun. It is like an object pronoun in that it is the receiver of an action but, more specifically, is used only when the doer and the receiver of an action are the same person or thing as in "I made myself a pot of coffee".
Confusion erupts when there are two action doers in the same sentence as in "Me and my wife made coffee for our guests". In this sentence, "Me" is one of action doers, so it should be "I", not "Me".
Similarly, when there are two action recipients as in "Our guests thanked my wife and I for the delicious coffee", "I" should be "me".
Reflexive pronouns are frequently misused as subject pronouns as in "Our guests, my wife and myself enjoyed the afternoon over coffee". "Myself" in this case should be "I".