Monday, March 30, 2009



There are seven errors in the four pieces below.
Identify and correct all the errors.
One unit is correct and must be considered relative to another unit.
All examples are from the same story. To be fair, the article is a good one.
Bonus: receive a gold star if you can identify the irony in one unit.

"Proclaiming his show a vocal supporter of the military. Never acknowledging his responsibility."

"If you've seen the clip on YouTube, you know what I mean: the host and his cronies act like braying jackasses."

"That's my biggest problem with this clusterjerk: The excuse the guy has been peddling is that it's a comedy show. Entertainment. Not to be confused with real news."

"I'm a journalist. I got a lot of questions about everything."
Dalson Chen, "Uninformed U.S. media look foolish", The Windsor Star, Monday, March 30, 2009.


The word for today is "inanity".
What part of speech is "inanity"?
Define "inanity" and use it in a sentence.


A great anniversary is on the horizon.

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