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The following is taken, verbatim, from one article entitled, "Rants, ranters: Huge waste of time", by Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star, Monday, February 2, 2009.

Each unit has, at least, one error.
Find, explain and correct each error.

Title: "Rants, ranters: Huge waste of time"

"A lot of things cheese me off. My bad back, debt, snow, this winter. Mean people, people who are overly nice."

"That reminds me of another thing I don't like. People who complain."

"Instead of unloading my problems onto someone, I'd rather leave them feeling happier than they were when I ran into them."

"You know, pushing the rage deep down into your guts until it turns into an ulcer."


The word for today is "banality".
Define "banality" and use it in a sentence.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see.

1. Cheese is a noun. Calvin of the renowned "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon, gave a great speech on "verbing" words. Of course there are also "nouned" verbs, which are equally incomprehensible. Cheese has some renown, so I would like mine re-nouned.

"To annoy" will do, instead of "to cheese off".

The author's lists should be separated from their preceding statement by a colon, rather than a period. They should probably be shown in the form of a single list and not two lists of "things", each list disguised as a separate sentence.

Some list members are specific, like "my bad back" and "this winter", while other list members are general, like snow and debt. The style is dubious.

"A lot of things" is singular, while "things" is plural. One thing out of a lot of things is singular. The list of things has members that are both singular (back) and plural (people).

While "another thing" is singular (but unfortunately not very), the phrase "people who complain" isn't at all (sad to say). Or is it "aren't"? Or isn't them? I'm lost.

There should at least be a colon or dash after "I don't like", because "People..." is not a sentence, even if it has a capital and a period.

The word "them" doesn't agree. "Someone" is singular (who, I don't know). Either the object should be "the person" and not "them" or the subject could be "people", which agrees better with "them". Who "they" are, I'll never know.

You know, don't you?

"Rants, ranters: is it them, or the fact they're on televison?"

"I've been annoyed lately: by having to repay debts, by having to shovel snow; by my bad back and this hard winter; by mean people, and people who are too nice; by people who tow cars, and by people like me, who get annoyed and complain.

I'd prefer to make people happy, myself among them. I really don't like unloading my problems on others, or burying my rage deep in my guts -- until either it forms an ulcer, or I do some drive-by shooting.

Maybe I should buy some of those happy pills my doctor wants to sell me.

Maybe I should take a vacation.

Maybe I should go somewhere warmer. I think I'll do that, as soon as I can get my car out of debt."


How have you been? Are you going to do "Inherit the Wind" with the Theatre Windsor sometime? I'd come down for that.

-(J.C.) Chris Sullivan