Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here are the corrections and explanations for last week's entries.



There’s” is a contraction for “there is”.
“There’s going to be trouble in the old barn tonight.”

Theirs” is a possessive pronoun.
Theirs is not to reason why; theirs is but to do or die.”

Their’s” does not exist.



Elicit” is a verb meaning to bring out, to draw out, to obtain or to extract.

Illicit” is an adjective meaning something illegal or bad.


Identify and correct the errors in the following pieces:

"So senior management say they're taking the situation very seriously."

“Management” is a collective singular noun when using it to designate an entire group. It can be considered plural if it is referring to many individuals. I expect the reporter did not speak to all the managers, so he should use it collectively."

So senior management says they’re taking the situation very seriously."

"...they've also spoke with various [people?]..."

The participial form of “to speak” must be used when using perfect tenses.

"...they've also spoken with various [people?]..."



Seen on the back window of a van in Windsor:

"Diva Floral Designs: Unigue Floral Decorations"

The person who put this sign on the van should learn to spell. The word is “unique”.

Seen on numerous signs last week in Sears, Windsor, 2nd floor:

"On Sale: Save $101.11 on Chan Saw"

Proofreading takes a bit of effort. It should read “chain saw”.



Emigrate" is a verb meaning to leave one’s country.
The root is “ex” meaning out of, as in exit.
They emigrated from Ireland to escape the famine.

Immigrate" is a verb meaning to enter a country.
The root is “im” as in import.
They immigrated to Canada with high hopes.


“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”
This was written by Oscar Wilde.


Surreal” (adj.) means dreamlike or characterized by irrational or fantastic imagery, beyond or above reality.

Ephemeral” (adj.) means transitory, short-lived, passing quickly or lasting for a very short time.

Aberrant” (n.) means one whose behaviour departs from or is anomalous from the norm.
Aberrant” ( adj.) describes behaviour that is deviant or perverse.

Pontificate” (v.) means to talk in a pompous or dogmatic manner.
Pontificate” (n.) means the government of the Roman Catholic Church. The root word is “pontiff” which means Pope.

Moribund” (adj.) means on the point of death or expiration.

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