Friday, January 11, 2008



Are there errors in the following entry?

"For example, despite a ground breaking ceremony in September for the rebuilding of Benson elementary school, the project that was supposed to start in October is on hold until a financial dispute with the province can be resolved."
Monica Wolfson, "Ont. cost concerns put schools on hold." The Windsor Star, Friday, January 11, 2008.


Below are the words that have been posted on the blog from September 1 to December 19, 2007. Have you used any? Can you remember the meanings? Can you correctly pronounce them?

Anomoly, aphorism, axiomatic, aemused, bumptious, cataclysm, catharsis, chicanery, cogent, collusion, confluence, desultory, disparate, egregious, emasculate, ephemeral, esoteric, exactitude, expiate, expiation, expository, fallacious, flippant, genteel, germane, harlequin, histrionic, iconoclast, intrepid, inveterate, jejune, laconic, libertine, libidinous, ludicrous, lugubrious, maladroit, melange, miscreant, misogamy, misogyny, mordant, moue, mundane, obviate, pandemic, paucity, pejorative, penultimate, perturbation, pretentious, prissy, profligacy, profligate, rapacious, rationale, recidivism, reprobate, rhapsodic, salacious, salient, sanctimonious, satiate, scintilla, scurrilous, sepulchral, simulacrum, slovenly, spurious, supercilious, sylvan, threnody, untoward, vapid, vitiate, xenophobia.


The word for today is "ratiocination".


Corrections and explanations for this week's entries will be posted on Sunday.
Define "ratiocination" and use it in a sentence.

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