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What is the difference between "judicious" and "judicial"?
“Judicious” (adj.) means wise or showing good judgement.
“Judicial” (adj.) means relating to courts of justice or to law.
The judge made several judicious rulings that helped the jury come to a correct verdict.
The judicial court proceedings were dignified and respectful.


Punctuate the following so that they make sense:
Go get him surgeons
Go, get him surgeons.
King Duncan was telling his men to get surgeons to tend to the bloody sergeant.

What is this thing called love
What, is this thing called love?
What is this thing called love?
Putting a comma after “What” makes it an interjection and the sentence is asking if this this is love. With no comma, the question is straight and is asking what love is.


What is wrong in the examples below?
He told me that I had better leave, so that we could avoid a serious conflict.
He told me that I had better leave so that we could avoid a serious conflict.
No comma is needed because the second clause restricts the first.

To parasail, is exhilarating.
To parasail is exhilarating.
“To parasail” ia a prepositional phrase that is the subject of the verb “is”.


Assume there are punctuation errors what are the errors correct them
Stan said, "I don't get it".
Stan said, "I don't get it."
The period goes within the quotation.

Hermione asked "Do you want to go with me?"
Hermione asked, "Do you want to go with me?"
There must be a comma before a quotation.


Insert, or correct, punctuation, spelling and grammar in the following so that it makes sense.
Yesterday was fun I played golf, I played good and won a big shiny trophy I'll put in on the mantle so everybody can read the inscription; booby Prize Duffers Invitational 2007.
Yesterday I had fun playing golf. I played well and won a big, shiny trophy. I'll put in on the mantle so everybody can read the inscription, “Booby Prize Duffers Invitational 2007".


"Fallacious" (adj.) means deceptive or misleading.
The mystery writer created a novel full of fallacious trails to challenge and entertain her readers.

"Ingratiate" (v.) means to establish oneself into the good graces or favour of others.
The young actor tried to ingratiate himself with the snobby old acting company by doing favours for everyone but was snubbed at every turn.

"Efficacy" (n.) means the capacity for serving the capacity to produce effects or remedies.
The efficacy of the philosopher’s arguments was to produce doubt in his students’ minds and he was successful.

"Effete" (adj.) means worn out, unable to produce or having lost vigour or energy.
The effete dancer was unable to keep up with the rest of the company and was released.

"Assuage" (v.) means to make milder or less severe.
The kindly teacher tried to assuage the fears of the students about writing exams.

“Suffice" (v.) means to be enough or to be sufficient or adequate.
Suffice it to say, at this point I have finished the corrections.

Your first correction is incorrect. Check above.

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