Friday, April 6, 2007

My Intentions

I have always enjoyed the sophistication of the English language. I cannot accept poor grammar, misused punctuation and incomprehensible sentence structure, most particularly when the errors are constantly committed by "professional" communicators who should know and take pride in correctness but do not do so. They commit a constant disservice to us, their readers and listeners, and every time they do so, they debase the language a little bit more.

I cannot understand what people say or write if they do not communicate properly.

I cannot accept that the basest use of language should be the norm and I have no regrets in pointing out the errors that I see and hear. I certainly will not plagiarize any material; I fully intend to give title and recognition to all contributors.
In turn, if I make mistakes in my presentations, I willingly will accept correction.

My intent is that this blog be fun and instructive. I would be pleased to publish any suggestions submitted, as long as they meet my criteria.


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John Lyons said...

Nice job Dad!